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How to Select an Industrial Vacuum Cleaner?

The Vacuum Cleaners

It's the Real Vacuum Cleaners!

The industrial vacuum cleaners are a universal equipment by definition for the industry buildings. For industrial cleaners there is nothing impossible: they do not have restrictions and a narrow orientation on gathering of certain sorts of a garbage and a dust, and also duration of the operating mode.

But, before you will buy an industrial vaccum cleaners, look for these recommendations:
  • Universality of a hoover: good industrial hoovers without problems will cope with any garbage and a dust. Including a problem garbage (water, polymeric powder paint, detergent powders and solutions, plaster, cement etc.) and also standard (sawdust, glass, sand, small rubble, an abrasive dust etc.).
  • Quality of the filtering system (it's especially important in the light of universality). I recommend the equipment with the mechanical vertical filter: because they prolong life of usual filters and provides high-quality clean-out of air. The filters of last step of clean-out should be low-cost and accessible.
  • Reliability. The metal case is more reliable than plastic — you after all do not hope for careful hands of your brigade of a prof-cleaners.
  • The operating mode — continuous, round-the-clock. Even if you do not plan to spend the day and the night on a building object.

The Architectural Performance

Art and Architecture

Arts & Architecture

The conceptual project of Performance Center Alexanderhoehe is developed by experts from the US architectural studio «B+U Architecture» for Iserlohn (Germany). The new futuristic architectural art structure should become ultra-modern continuation of an existing building of Parktheater theater.
Germany city landscape
Germany, Iserlohn

Art Modern Architecture

The conceptual performance center with organic art architecture will constructed on a North side of a town so that to create the new visual reference point, opening to a sight from the center of the city.
Architectural Art

The Art of Architecture

Orientation of a new building will promote creation of a uniform point of access for visitors of Parktheater and the new cultural center.
To avoid block of Parktheater by walls of new art building and to reach extremely effective visually-spatial communications have been created generous multilevel foyers with glass facades from which the kind on Parktheater and a city landscape opens. The modern art scene in new futuristic structure is located so that to create effect of soaring.
Performance Center
Modern Architecture

Unusual Medical Complex (Australia)

Medical complex, Australia

The Australian architectural studio «Lyons» has finished building a ultra-modern medical complex «John Curtin School of Medical Research». The unique architectural building expressively reflects progressive methods of work and aspiration to innovative processes.

The Innovative Australian Medical Center

In the medical center based on base of the Australian National University in Canberra are based: research laboratories, medical clinics, health care offices, hall for teaching lectures and the world seminars.

Medical center, Australia
Unusual building
Unique building

Dynamical architectural forms of a building draw attention of the public and personify development and movement. The translucent structure provide premises with necessary quantity of natural illumination in stylistics of fine style of Art Deco. However especially effectively unusual building to the evening.

The impressing effect amplifies contrast of black elements of a facade and snow-white internal panels, which simultaneously open to a sight at certain points of view of it unique building.

A Unusual Loft of the Swedish Artist

Inventive loft

The Unusual Swedish Apartment

This artistic and inventive loft, made of various geometrical forms — spacious and light apartment of famous Swedish artist Carouschka Streijffert.
The atypical interior of the apartment located on an attic of one house in Stockholm, at first sight, can seem freakish or even unusual. Actually, abstract playful forms, co-operating with each other, create the thought about the harmonic space.

Unusual Stockholm Attic

So, for example, a library zone organically is created by from a wooden rack and round windows; also an unusual configuration of a floor and futuristic chair «LC2» by Le Corbusier center on a rug executed under the sketch of the owner of apartment.

A Art Apartments

Artistic apartment
Scandinavian style
Stockholm houses
Unusual loft

One of the basic visual dominants of apartment is the art fireplace artly integrated into a ladder. On the color scale and some other obvious signs, this white interior is close to new Scandinavian style which, like eclectic loft, is formed of pictures, art objects and the interior elements of different Scandinavian epochs.

The Eco Project in Emirates

Artificial island

Artificial Island (United Arab Emirates)

Architect Alexander Krasinski has presented materials of the project of artificial island in Persian gulf (United Arab Emirates), developed for the purpose of creation of the alternative agglomeration, capable to solve a problem, actual for the given region for today.

Futuristic Island in Persian Gulf

The architectural conception of the futuristic green project is inseparable from a solution of a problem of globalization of influence of the person on environment, and also rising of sea level and taxes.
Differently, on this urbanistic island it's possible to create the whole new state with powerful Eco-system, own the legislation and an advanced policy of economic structure.

Architectural conception
Futuristic island
Urbanistic island
Architectural project
Futuristic project

The Futuristic Eco-project

The futuristic island is located in territory of ocean and has internal seaport and the airport in immediate proximity from a Eco-zone with areas of smart ecology.
Also, the original architectural project provides ultra-modern office, administrative, governmental and academic centers, comfortable inhabited apartments, territory for walks, rest, sports.

Room Interior in the Japanese Style

Interior of Japanese Life Style

Oldest Kabuki Theatre (Japan)

If there is a desire to stylize room interior in Japanese stylistics — is not so necessary to employ the venerable designer of interiors. It's possible to apply imagination and to decorate an interior with the several bright Japanese accessories designating certain Japan style. But in Japanese stylistics it's necessary to adhere to minimalism rules.

Minimalism — the Basic Line of Japanese Stylistics

For zoning of the area of a room in Japanese style easy parting walls (glass, a tree, a bamboo) or painted screens are actively used. It gives a special glamor to an interior and allows to use the areas effectively.
Are excellently allocated the walls decorated by pictures on a rice paper with landscapes of the country of a rising sun, or portrait engravings of geisha.

Japanese Interior
Japanese Minimalism
Style of Japan

The Japanese Minimalism

For refinishing of walls, a ceiling, it's better to select colors neutral and light: white, gray, color of a tree. But if would be desirable brightness — experiment with saturated green (colors of a fresh grass). In refinishing pertinently to use bamboo: panels of wall, a track bed of parting walls, floor mats on a floor, bamboo regiments, armchairs, chairs, vases…
Furniture in Japanese style low enough, steady, correct geometrical forms. With such configuration of furniture always the modern technics well harmonizes.